RMB + WASDQE – move camera forward, left, backwards, right, down and up respectively;
RMB + MOUSE MOVE – rotate to look around;
RMB + LALT + MOUSE MOVE – orbit around focus point. If the camera hasn’t been focused, the default focus point is the world origin;
MOUSE SCROLL WHEEL – zoom in/zoom out;

Scene Grid
[ – move grid down;
] – move grid up;
LALT + LEFT CLICK – snaps the grid Y position to the intersection between the mouse cursor and an object in the scene;
LALT + LEFT DBL CLICK – same as above, but this time the positon will snap to either the top or bottom of the object, depending which one is closer to the cursor pick point. Useful when you need to quickly place the grid on top or below objects. Works with arbitrary object and grid rotations.

Object Selection
LEFT CLICK – select object;
LCTRL + LEFT CLICK – append object to selection; if the object is already selected, it will be deselected;
LMB + MOUSE MOVE – multi select via rectangle shape;
LMB + LSHIFT + MOUSE MOVE – multi deselect via rectangle shape;
F – focus camera on selection;
DELETE – delete selected objects;
LCTRL + D – duplicate selected objects;
X – rotate selection around world X axis;
Y – rotate selection around world Y axis;
Z – rotate selection around world Z axis;
I – set the rotation of slected objects to identity (i.e. zero rotation);
W – activate move gizmo;
E – activate rotation gizmo;
R – activate scale gizmo;
T – activate box scale gizmo;
U – activate universal gizmo;
Q – activate extrude gizmo;
L – switch between gizmo global and local transform space;

Selection Grab
C – beign grab session;
C – end grab session;
LEFT CLICK – end grab session;
LSHIFT + HRZ MOUSE MOVE – rotate objects around surface normal;
LSHIFT + LCTRL + HRZ MOUSE MOVE – orbit objects around anchor point;
LCTRL + HRZ MOUSE MOVE – scale objects;
Q + HRZ MOUSE MOVE – offset obejcts from the surface on which they are sitting;
LALT + MOUSE MOVE – adjust anchor point;
SPACE + HRZ MOUSE MVOE – offset objects from the anchor point;
B – next surface alignment axis (i.e. can be used to cycle through all available surface alignment axes);

Selection Grid Snap
HOLD DOWN B to activate;
move the mouse to choose a snap pivot;
HOLD DOWN LMB + MOUSE MOVE – snap to grid;

Selection Object-to-Object Snap
S – begin snap session; [WHEN SESSION IS ACTIVE]
S – end snap session;
LEFT CLICK – end snap session;
HOLD DOWN LCTRL – enable flexi snap;
HOLD DOWN LSHIFT – enable more control;
move mouse to snap selected objects to nearby obejcts;

Move Gizmo
LSHIFT – enable 2D mode;
LCTRL – enable snapping;
V – enable vertex snapping;
Rotation Gizmo
LCTRL – enable snapping;
Scale Gizmo
LCTRL – enable snapping;
LSHIFT – change multi-axis scale mode;
Box Scale Gizmo
LCTRL – enable snapping;
LSHIFT – scale from center pivot;
Universal Gizmo
LSHIFT – enable 2D mode;
LCTRL – enable snapping;
V – enable vertex snapping;

Extrude Gizmo
LSHIFT – disable overlap test;
LCTRL + Z – Undo;
LCTRL + Y – Redo;

Plot Editor Key Commands

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