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The metaverse has the potential to revolutionize global interaction, economy, and creativity, creating a connected reality that transcends physical boundaries and reshapes how we live, work, and play.

Own your metaverse. Powered by Unity and white labeled. In ease, create any number of micro-galaxies to interact with your partners and customers.
The player is the focus, not the game.

Web-based and dynamic

Your galaxy is accessible from any web browser, even on VR devices – without software or apps. Your galaxy offers you powerful tools. Create immersive 3D spaces with no coding skills. Simply share a link and reach your customers everywhere. Your advantage: creative freedom, profitability and scalability. Be it a virtual showroom or an event you promote.

Multiplayer and Low-Code/No-Code Interactions

Meet your friends from all over the world in and collaborate with them. Move objects, play sounds, open doors on any device at the same time or look at products, discover images, videos and exchange ideas. You can do this remotely in your galaxy. Amaze your customers with surprising interaction. It’s dynamic.

Why should people spend four to eight hours a day in the Metaverse?

Easy to Use

The design of the metaverse is tailored to simplicity and decentralization. The player is the star. Import any content via URL, whether videos, images, music or 3D objects. You are the owner of your galaxy and decide the content, when and where it is shown.

Express Yourself

Play with individual avatars. Your galaxy supports the ReadyPlayerMe service on high quality. You can predefine up to eight avatars for your visitors. Offer your digital fashion and accessories on RPM to achieve even more reach.

How can the Metaverse help to improve relationships between people and in society?

Communication you’ll like

Place voice chat or video chat zones where you want and start as many conversations as you like, whether with two or all participants. You control when which conversation zone is available. This is suited to greeting your customers in a salesroom without disturbing others while they are shopping.

Presentations and more

You have multiple presentation options, with JPG and MP4 files, to present content in a dynamic and engaging way. Any user you let will have this option.
Each object can become an AI-powered NPC that interacts with users and can display messages overhead. This brings your showroom to life, even when you’re not there. Virtual characters can promote your products and increase customer engagement. Want more? Get in touch with us.

What galaxy will you create today?

Ambient Sounds and Jukebox

Enhance the atmosphere and mood with ambient sounds. From nature sounds such as rippling water to urban sounds such as street noise and café noises. And the jukebox is for admins and plays a selection of your favorite tracks. Play your sounds to create specific moods and an immersive and dynamic atmosphere. An extra dimension of realism and depth for your visitors.

No Limits

There are endless opportunities for networking and socializing, no matter where you are in the world. You can export, save and reuse any galaxy you create. Save time and use your elements whenever you want and expand your galaxy without limits.

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